Trollface Quest 2

Trollface Quest

The Trollface Quest is a funny point-and-click adventure game. Find solutions, solve the puzzles and protect the troll face to get caught by other Trolls. Have fun!
With difficult level, you will need a Trollface Quest Walkthrough video with gameplay, tips and hints to help beat the game.
The game is known for its weird characters, troll faces, and the complete lack of sense and logic what-so-ever. This makes many of the levels difficult to complete.
More info: Trollface quest is game created by ppllaayy and A4 games. This game is a playable game, while The Trollface game wasn't. In this game, you don't play Trollface, but a Stick dude. You'll play trough a plenty of weird levels made by Trollface, wich the most of them are a little tricky to get trough, but if you are smart enough, you will beat the game. If you want to play 1 of the 15 games, this is the best one.
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